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Empower your Educational Entrepreneurship Success with Kumon: Thrive in a Community, Learn from Success Stories, and Achieve Ultimate Fulfillment in Education!

Your Path to Success: Kumon Franchisee Support Community

Embarking on the journey of franchising can be both exhilarating and challenging. Read an in-depth perspective on what to expect during your initial weeks!

POV: Your First Few Weeks of Running a Kumon Singapore Franchise

In this article, explore why starting a Kumon franchise is a compelling choice for entrepreneurs, and why becoming a franchisee is the right choice for you.

Top Reasons to Start a Kumon Business Franchise in Singapore

Kumon, a leading education enrichment centre franchisor with a presence in primary and secondary education, has earned a reputation that spans the globe.

The Kumon Method: How Did Kumon Gain Its Strong Reputation?

Are you passionate about education and dream of making a difference in the lives of young learners? Find out what it’s like to teach as a Kumon franchisee.

What is it Like Teaching at a Kumon Centre as a Franchisee?

Discover insights as to what your day-to-day life could look like as a Kumon Franchisee in SG. What the role entails & more importantly, the benefits of it!

A Day in the Life of a Kumon Franchise Owner

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Attend A Kumon Franchise Information Session

After years of supporting and training Kumon franchise owners, we have mastered just about every issue, question or challenge you could possibly encounter. This is why we are offering a non-obligatory Franchise Information Session to cover whatever you need to know before you commit, such as:

  • The Kumon method of learning
  • The role of a Kumon franchisee and instructor
  • The path to becoming a Kumon instructor
  • How much investment you will need to start, license/royalty fees and revenue analysis
  • Kumon’s role as a franchisor in supporting your business

Have all your questions answered at the orientation and find out if Kumon is the right fit for you.

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