Over 24,700 Franchisees Worldwide
Have Profited Using Our Proven Franchise Business Model

Ranked #1 in Tutoring Category  in Entrepreneur Franchise 500 for 23 years (2001-2024),
#10 Top Global Franchises in 2024.

Why Choose Kumon?

World’s Largest Education Franchise

As one of the most well-established franchises in the world, with more than 24,700 Centres, Kumon serves more than 4 million children across 60 countries and regions. Right at this moment, someone, somewhere around the world is learning with Kumon. We are
actively seeking passionate individuals to join our local operations.

Proven Franchise Business Model

As a franchisee, you get to run your own business using a proven business model developed over the past 60 years. Ranked #1 in Tutoring Category in Entrepreneur Franchise 500 for 23 years (2001-2024), #10 Top Global Franchises in 2024.

We Support Your Passion

Run a profitable franchise with our help.
As a franchisee, you will receive extensive training and marketing support so that you can help students of all ages discover and achieve their potential. The Kumon materials provided are constantly improved to enhance the learning and growth of students.

Why Start a Kumon Franchise Business?

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You don’t have to pay a premium to partner the world’s largest education franchise. Our low licence fee of $2000 makes it easier for passionate individuals to join us.

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We understand that marketing for your own centre can be difficult and costly, that is why we provide marketing support to all our centres throughout the year, whether it is announcing your centre’s grand opening, promotions or student recruitment. Did we mention that no additional marketing fee will be charged?

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On average, the tenure of a Kumon franchise business is more than 10 years. We are here throughout to ensure you have the extensive trainings and resources to run a profitable Kumon franchise from the start and in the long run. Your career is about to change, one child at a time.

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As a franchisee, you also become a Kumon Instructor (teacher) so you can contribute to the success of your students. For over 60 years, we develop children to be confident, self-directed learners who can overcome challenges on their own. Be the one to transform a child’s life.

Hear From Our Successful Franchisees

Before starting Kumon, I was a preschool teacher and a Kumon parent. I always wanted to be an educator and an entrepreneur. Kumon helped me from finding the right location to setting up the centre, including trainings on conducting Parent Orientation sessions and Diagnostic Tests for students. They also guided me in creating study plans and conducting classes effectively. Ability based learning is what attracted me towards Kumon. Every time a primary school child that has been with me since preschool comes to me and tells me “I’m top in class”, that is a very fulfilling moment for me.
Sita Sah

Sita Sah
Instructor (Singapore)

When I was working in my previous job as a school teacher, I found that I have limited pockets of time, it’s either for my children or for myself. With Kumon, it’s a balance. The experience has been fantastic. I reached the first goal that I had set for myself within two years. I wanted to earn as much as I was earning when I was a teacher yet having that work life balance. And I have achieved that.
Jaslyn Lee

Jaslyn Lee
Instructor (Singapore)

In Kumon, I see the hopes for the children. Some of them had given up on themselves when they first joined Kumon. But these children have so much potential in them. After joining Kumon, they have changed totally. They are so confident. Some of the Kumon Completers are doing so well in the society now. If I could turn back the clock to more than 14 years ago when I was still working in the banking industry, I would still recommend myself to do Kumon. Because what I am doing is more meaningful to the society and children around us.
Michelle Poh

Michelle Poh
Instructor (Singapore)

I currently have a student who started doing maths at four years old without even knowing how to write or count beyond 10. Within two years, he began studying material that is typically five years beyond his age. For me it is wonderful how Kumon can cater to the needs of each child.
Anna Song

Anna Song
Instructor (Singapore)

It was a huge commitment to give up a full-time job for the uncertainties of starting a business. But once I decided to take the plunge, Kumon provided support in terms of training and location search, and I eventually took over a centre in Pasir Ris. When my students come up to me and tell me their little accomplishments like “I can do additions!” or “I completed my work in 15 minutes!” I feel a great sense of achievement. I had a student who cried whenever faced with Math problems. Now she is learning about 3 years ahead of her school grade and told me she wants to complete the whole Math programme.
Ivy Yap

Ivy Yap
Instructor (Singapore)

I was looking for an alternative to live in the present, to be present for every milestone of my child.

Ever since I opened my own Kumon centre, my experience has been fantastic! Being a Kumon Franchisee has not only allowed me to spend more quality time with my kids and have the lifestyle I want for my family and myself but also achieved financial stability.

Watching my children and my students grow gives me the greatest joy and fulfilment. And the best part is I am building my own dream, not someone else's.

Ms Jean Li
Instructor (Singapore)
Formerly worked in the education industry

It was my younger days’ dream to have my own “school of sorts”.

I don’t have the years to learn or build teaching methods or materials from scratch, so it is essential that I find something that closely presents my beliefs & preferences regarding how I would like to nurture students.

I reviewed many of the different options for franchise businesses and decided on Kumon.  

Kumon is a very structured and “tested” program with detailed documentation of its ideas, methods and material. Not to mention, the Instructor training was very helpful in getting me on board.

The most satisfying part of this journey is witnessing changes from nothing to something, from something to something better and better. These include growth in the students, the parents, the team and me.

Ms Harriet Kwok
Instructor (Singapore)
Formerly worked in the financial industry

I’ve been helping many children out there, but I didn’t have time for my own children. I was very guilty about it and knew I needed to make some changes before regretting it.

It certainly took a giant leap of faith to decide to quit my job and start a business of my own.

Now, I’m in control, growing my own business and better able to prioritise how I spend my time to allow more of it with my family and continue making a difference in children’s education.

I take pride in turning my passion for kids and education into a long and uniquely satisfying career as a Kumon business owner. Not only it is profitable, but also I managed to have the lifestyle that I want for myself and my family.

Mdm Rajalashmy
Instructor (Singapore)
A Kumon Parent who worked in the education industry

I have always had a deep passion and interest in working with young children.

As a former teaching assistant in one of the Kumon Centres, I love watching the growth and transformation of many students, not just in terms of their academic ability but also their study attitude.

I was impressed with the Kumon Method. There and then, I made up the decision to open a Kumon Centre when I was still an undergrad. It became my first personal goal.

It has been more than 10 rewarding years since. I am thankful to be running my own business that is not only successful but also meaningful and rewarding!

Ms Pauline
Instructor (Singapore)
Previously worked as a teaching assistant in the Kumon Centre

Are you...

  • Passionate about nurturing children to be confident & academically strong self-directed learners?
  • Comfortable presenting & meeting with parents to share how the Kumon Method of Learning can help their children?
  • Comfortable taking on the responsibilities of being your own boss, including running your centre and working with children?
  • Excited to run your own business that is not only successful, but meaningful & rewarding?

Attend A Kumon Franchise Information Session

After years of supporting and training Kumon franchise owners, we have mastered just about every issue, question or challenge you could possibly encounter. This is why we are offering a non-obligatory Franchise Information Session to cover whatever you need to know before you commit, such as:

  • The Kumon method of learning
  • The role of a Kumon franchisee and instructor
  • The path to becoming a Kumon instructor
  • How much investment you will need to start, license/royalty fees and revenue analysis
  • Kumon’s role as a franchisor in supporting your business

Have all your questions answered at the orientation and find out if Kumon is the right fit for you.

The Process


Why is the start up cost of a Kumon franchise so low?
We do not believe in charging our franchisees high at the start and making a one-time sale to support our business model. Rather, we want to support those who share the same belief as Kumon and are passionate about the education of students. Do you know that it only requires anywhere between S$40,000 to S$80,000 to set up a Kumon centre on average— inclusive of franchise fees, renovation and rental?
I have no teaching experience. Can I still be a Kumon franchisee/instructor?
Yes, you can! Many of our franchisees came in with little to no experience in teaching, from professionals, executives to homemakers etc. The instructor training is specifically designed to impart the principles of effective teaching by providing a range of theory and practical skills for instructing Kumon students, as well as communication skills and knowledge in centre management.
What goes on during the training for new franchise instructors?
Topics covered in the training include:
  • Instruction principles and learning materials
  • The Kumon Method, curriculum, and learning materials
  • Student assessment and enrolment
  • The effective implementation of study programmes
  • Communication with parents and students
  • Centre management strategies
  • Centre administration, policies, and procedures
How are the centres' locations selected?
The opening of new centres is directly linked to the realisation of Kumon’s vision. We aim to give as many students as possible the opportunity to learn using our materials, and thus, contribute to the global community. When planning new locations the Company carefully considers the following factors:
  • The number of children of a target age group residing in the available location
  • The number of children within the available location that already study at other Kumon Learning Centres
  • Rental rates offered by landlords
As our mission is to develop the potential of as many children as possible, Kumon does not assign exclusive territories to Instructors.
Must I offer both Math and English at my centre?
All new Kumon Instructors must offer both the Math and English programmes within their Kumon Learning Centre.
Can I decide how much to charge for the programme fee in my centre?
As the curriculum and learning materials are standardised in every Kumon learning centre, the programme fee is thus fixed. However, our franchisees are responsible for managing variable costs that may impact their bottom line, such as rental, salaries etc.
Is the proficiency test difficult?
Each test covers a range of basic arithmetic and reading comprehension exercises in English and/or native language. Join us at the franchise orientation and we’ll be happy to share more about it.
How much can I earn as the owner of a Kumon franchise?
Since each Kumon franchise is independently owned and does not report its total income to us, we cannot provide a hard number. However, as part of your franchisee training, you’ll develop a business plan that can assist you in projecting your revenues and expenses. Join us at our Franchise Orientation to find out more! We also encourage you to speak directly to fellow franchise owners for more information.

About Us

Kumon is the world’s leading after-school enrichment program. Founded in 1954 in Japan, the Kumon Method was born out of a father’s desire to help his son improve his academic ability. Mr Toru Kumon created learning materials that made it possible for his son to learn independently; with the belief that children have an inherent potential to grow. Ever since its establishment, Kumon has consistently aimed to help students develop a firm foundation of academic ability and the confidence to learn on their own. 

Nothing comes close to what a Kumon franchise opportunity can offer – low startup cost from $40,000, proven business model, and an education business that is emotionally rewarding. If you possess a passion to work with children & want to play the role in shaping the next generation within Singapore, join us at our Franchise Information Session and find out if we are a suitable fit for you!

*You must be a Singaporean/PR, possess a degree in any discipline or diploma from NIE.

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